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Get Your Ask In Gear

Developing A Financial Policy
• 12 components of an effective written financial policy (What to tell em)
• What things should be avoided in an external policy (What not to tell em)
• 5 really important items that must be address in you internal policy
• Making the policy ork from within (It's not just patient accounts department)
• Informing new and existing patients of the policy (An offer they can't refuse)
• What to look for (and look out for) on a Patient Information Form, and why
• What the doctor should not say (When duct tape doesn't work)

Effective Communication Skills
• The image you want to project (Mushy? Softie? Guido? A Business?)
• Attitudes of all departments and employees (You're not a bank)
• Words and phrases to avoid (Get rid of these)
• Words and phrases that get results (Start using these now)
• Controlling the conversation (Where were you on the night of ...)
• Keeping your rapport with patients (You want the paying ones back)

Collecting For Control
• How effective are statements and letters (Somebody's been messin with my mail)
• Timelines and time management of your accounts
• Talking to patients (It's as easy as picking up the phone)
• Collection letters that get results
• What is harassment (You do want to stay out of jail, right?)
• Insurance stalls (Does my contract really say that?)
• Dealing with attorneys (Too many lines to list)
• Bankruptcies (You lose.  Don't lose twice.)
• Estates (Patients expire, balances don't)
• Finalizing your accounts (What to do, and when to do it)
• Excuses, obscenities, stalls and other tales (I can't believe they said that)