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Create a financial policy and share it with your patients. After you print it, mail it out to your patients as they make their appointment. Tell them what your expectation is on the phone, then ASK for the amount you want when they come in, if you haven't collected it previously on the phone.

I know I make it sound easy. IT'S NOT ROCKET SURGERY! It really isn't that difficult. But why isn't it happening everyday in every office? The biggest reason it's not happening at every visit, admission, appointment or check-up? It is a lack of training on how to ASK!” When you and the  rest of the staff learns how to ASK,  why it needs to be done and have the financial policy to back you up, you all will gain the confidence to do it. (especially when you start seeing and sharing the results)

How do you get the training? (Time to be shameless again) Right here! You can buy an audio CD package “Get Your ASK In Gear” (the healthcare version) along with my 57 ½ Excuses book and get good results having everyone listen to it. (Depending on how it's listened to and shared) Let's admit it, if they listen to it at their desk, in the car or at home, there are lots of distractions. Better yet (and yes, maybe even more shameless) you can hire me and have the training presented “live and in-person” and tailored to meet your specific needs, situations and specialty.

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