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Point of Service Collections (for healthcare providers)

I have a collection seminar that I present around the country for facilities, offices, organizations and associations. The program “Get Your ASK In Gear” is well received and gives the participants, audiences and clients real world (their world) tips and techniques that give them a great “return on investment.” (Let's be honest, if it didn't, I wouldn't keep having repeat business and a lot of referrals. Not to mention CFOs that are happy with the results and Patient Account Managers that are thrilled.)

What's different about what I have to say, versus what others have to say? First, I'm fun and funny! When's the last time you laughed about collections and learned something along the way? Second, I'm really good at talking about collections from my audiences' perspective and their daily challenges. It all starts upfront, before you see the patient, on the phone or at time of service. (if you're a hospital, don't panic, I'm not talking about violating EMTALA. If you're in Minnesota, I won't go against your agreement with the AG office.
(no matter how crazy I think it is)

Here's a tip to get you started you in the right direction. This isn't meant to replace the need to hire me, it's meant to give you some basics.

(Yes, that was a little shameless promotion on my part. That's why we built a website.)

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