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Get Your Ask In Gear(TM) CD - Policies and Forms Attitudes Are Contagious

Book by Dennis Mannering, Foreword by Jeff Staads.

I ran across this book about twenty years ago, about a year before I started my own company, Business Resource Center. The original book was revised about five years ago (something about a chapter on a successful young athlete by the name of OJ Simpson, that wasn't the happy ending it once was.) Anyway, when it was revised, I was asked to write the foreword, because of the impact it made on my life. It's a great book, it talks about Attitudes, Goal Setting, and there's a story about a cat on the roof, worth the entire read. When you're done reading it, instead of putting it on the shelf so you look smart, pass it on. Pass it on to your co-workers, your spouse, your kids. If that's not enough, Dennis lives in Green Bay, Wisconsin (home of the former Super Bowl Champions) how many more reasons do you need?