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Jeff Staads - Speaking & Training with Attitude
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No Warm and Fuzzy Message from Jeff
Here's a guy who trained West Point cadets during his active tour of duty as a paratrooper with the U.S. Army's 82nd Airborne Division.

Today, he presents to audiences in the U.S. and abroad on how to be leaders, communicate and pull together as a team. His keynotes, capnotes, seminars and workshops move people to act - like a good kick in the pants. Just ask the companies and trade associations that have hired him.

No wonder Jeff's tagline is:

"Speaking and Training with Attitude!"

Now only two questions remain:

1. What date would you like him to present to your group?

2. Why would someone jump out of a perfectly good airplane?

A partial list of Jeff's past clients | Click Here
Find out how easy it is to work with Jeff and his associates | Click Here

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