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57 1/2 Excuses 57 1/2 Excuses

What's your strategy for collecting effectively from past due accounts? Letters? Phone calls? Collection Agency? Little animal stickers? Maybe a better question would be, "what's your strategy for preventing accounts receivable?" And when accounts receivable do occasionally develop, are you effective collecting the money?

Have you ever been on a collection call or face to face with a debtor, they give you an excuse and you don't know what to say? they catch you off-guard, or it's creative, or it's oh soooo sad...and you don't know what to say, and you forget all about the thousands of dollars they owe you. You will learn what to say which will help you collect quicker, cheaper and with greater success and confidence. All the information in the book can be put to use immediately. No theories, all truths that are being used today by some of the best collectors. (I started in collections in 1977, this stuff worked then, and it still works now!) The book can be used as a quick reference guide, and when you need a laugh. Guaranteed to shorten your collection process.